Mar 26, 2010

Park Hyatt, Chicago IL - March 26

Rating - 10.00

We stayed on the 17th floor - it has recently been refinished and it is beautiful. What I like best about the property is how QUIET it is......we had a king bed (awesome mattress) with a HUGE bathroom, comfortable robs, flat screen tv, and everything else you would expect in a Park Hyatt. Best of all is the room was REALLY QUIET, and there was no noise from adjoining rooms or the hallway.

I had dropped a note to Rick Segal, the managing director, letting him know it was a special night for us and he REALLY TOOK CARE of us.

Went to Nomi for a few drinks after seeing Billy Elliot (see review at ), and the place was pretty quiet. Bartender provided excellent service, but the martini was so strong Katie could not drink it. One drink each and off to bed.

Nomi - bar

Chocolate Martini 14.00
Lite Beer 6.00

Total - $22.30

Headed back to Nomi for breakfast and it was EXCEPTIONAL!!!! Service was a bit slow as it was very crowded, but it was done with a "smile" and a "I am sorry" which made it SO MUCH better.....Hot Mamma LOVED her Spinach Omelet, and I thought the Nomi breakfast (eggs, toast, bacon/sausage) was fabulous!!!! It is worth it to visit for breakfast alone, and as a Diamond Member breakfast is on the house.\

Nomi - Breakfast

Spinach Omelet 19.00
Nomi Breakfast 26.00

Total - $50.18

Exceptional service, unbelievable staff, luxury abounds in the rooms, wonderful spot to spend some time.