Mar 14, 2010

Gorsuch LTD, Beaver Creek CO - February 16

Rating - 10.00

Wow, what AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE. We wandered down to the shop at the base of the Park Hyatt to get our of the bellmen had given us a coupon to a different shop (20% off) and when I asked the Gorsuch guys about it they said they were a bit more expensive but had the BEST GEAR, and they would carry the skis up to the Hyatt (not a big deal).

Not only did they have the best, they were the best. Neil took his time while fitting us, made great recommendations, and were incredibly friendly. In fact, Hot Mamma's boots hurt so bad after the first day she didn't think she could ski again.....we went down the next morning to the shop and they apologized and took 40 minutes to find the perfect pair.

Total - $360.75 - skis, boots and poles for 4 days (for the 2 of us)

Not only did Mamma get to ski the next 3 days, they fit great. When her hands got too cold at the end of the day we returned to buy new gloves.

Total - $120.99