Mar 16, 2010

Orlando Airport (MCO), Orlando FL - March 5

Rating - 5.1

It is just have to remember to allow enough time to get through security as they have no real "Priority" line for those travelers with status on an airline. So be prepared to go through with those who new to the idea of removing liquids and their shoes.....

You also have to take a tram to the gates after you clear leave plenty of time.

They just remodeled the area by the AA gates and there are many more food choices (actually pretty decent). They completed the remodel by the gates and have the temperature back under control.

Upon arrival it is brutal to get a have to go all the way down (no signs) to baggage and then walk a long way to find the line....and I waited at least 20 minutes for and old beat-up car.

Only awful part is you still have to fly through Miami to get a cheap fare back to Chicago.