Mar 12, 2010

Kalahari, Wisconsin Dells WI, February 2

Rating - 9.44

Excellent spot for a family getaway clean and well maintained. Best part is the staff, everyone we dealt with was VERY FRIENDLY and helpful.

We stayed in the base room (3208) and there were two comfortable queen beds, and a pullout sofa. Lots of room for kids to pay on the floor, a mid size flat screen tv with all the channels, a small fridge and microwave. Bathroom is small (tub/shower combo), and sink is in the main room. Kids LOVED the water park, and it is a short walk from the room. Be prepared for the overwhelming smell of chlorine....

A note to those who are overweight by 50 or more pounds: don't wear a small bathing suit and NO tattoos........

Room rate - $109.95 first night, $119.95 second night

Game cards (for kids, $20 per) - $60.00

Theme Park Admission ($14.95 per kid) - $44.85

Only downside would be the food......for a place that was founded by someone who started with a pizza bidness the pizza is HORRIBLE....and in all of the restaurants (reviewed separately) service is SLOW and food it not good (and very unhealthy).

Zulu Grill (in the park)
**14 inch pizza (1/2 sausage) 14.99 -- this was in the water park and it was HORRIBLE!!!
**Chef salad 7.99
Total - $24.47

Damon's Grill (attached to the property)
**see separate review
Total - $114.56

Other complaint is lack of "green" - there is a $4/day charge for a "green" fee, but there is NO recycling anywhere in the park.

Savings Idea: there is a Mobil food mart right when you turn-in and they sell cases of Miller Lite 16 ounce bottles for $29.49....same that is served in the park for $4 "case" you like to drink beer........

Amusement park is excellent, and during the week its only $9.95 for 6 and under and $14.95 for those over 6 (separate review).

Concession Stand
**1 pretzel 3.99
**16 oz soda 1.99
Total - $6.37

Total - $364.30**2 nights, 2 dinners, amusement park and $20 per kid for video games