Mar 16, 2010

Denver International Airport, Denver CO - February 20

Rating - 1.01

If you fly AA its f***ing BRUTAL to check bags inside the terminal....never seen a line so long or unorganized....ended up going back outside and checking them at the curb (no line).

Then you have to be prepared for the security lines and finally the "subway" to your gates....again AA terminal is near the end of the line.

If you have to drop a car you take a shuttle bus back to the terminal...and that just takes time.
NO WAY you can arrive 45 minutes before a flight and make it.....have a least 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Also once you get to the gate food choices are REALLY LIMITED....

Finally our flight was delayed for de-icing, which makes good sense, but it took over an hour to complete.

There really is no other option to get into into Denver, so suck it up and realize its going to be a painful process to get out of town!!