Mar 15, 2010

Beaver Creek General Store, Avon CO - February 19

Rating - 8.3

Located in the quaint little "village" behind the Park Hyatt this is a real general store. You can get anything from ice cream, trinkets, a six pack, a deli, or t shirts. By the way, the ice cream is great and the girls working the store are friendly and helpful. It was pretty crowded at 9 pm on a Friday night and HOT in the store.

I wish we would have found it earlier because a G2 is around $2 vs. $5 at the hotel.

1 G2 2.49
1 Tums ex 1.29 (needed it after dinner at 8100)
2 Post card .70
1 jr ss tee 22.99
1 youth ss tee 13.99
1 yth sht slv trail map tee 18.99
3 bc pencils @ .89 4.45

Total - 69.43