Mar 29, 2011

GAB Bakery (Terminal 3), Chicago O'Hare - March 28

Rating - 7.444

New configuration right before you get in the terminal......never sure how the service will be or if they will get your order right....but they were friendly if not poky.

1 Turkey sand   6.79
1 Chips   1.29
1 Powerade   2.69

Total - $12.18

Andaz 5th Ave, 485 5th at 41st, NYC - March 28

Rating - 9.9931

This place ROCKS - awesome staff who do anything to make sure you are well taken care of, a cool vibe (doesn't really feel like a hotel) and solid rooms.  I got in early and my room was not ready, so I headed to the gym. 

The gym is OUTSTANDING, 3 treadmills, 3 ellipticals, 1 bike, 2 benches for free weights (up to 50 lbs), and space.  Its in the basement and is excellent for a hotel gym.

Got back upstairs and Michael hooked me up with a GREAT ROOM (#1113).  Quiet, large (suite) and clean...I loved the turn-down service in the evening.

Highly recommend this for biz or personal travel.

Total - 325 (room) + loads of taxes = $376.43

Mar 28, 2011

Benjamin Steakhouse, 52 E 41st, NYC - March 28

Rating - 8.21

Food was exceptional as always - service tonight was acceptable. My FAVORITE waiter (Artie) had the night off so I guess I have a bit of compassion....but I had to walk to our waiter, tap him on the arm, hand him my credit card and ask for the bill.

Met some a few customers in the bar where they have AWESOME CHIPS on the bar for a few drinks -
1 Becks $8.00
1 Stella Draft 8.00
1 Captain Lawrence Pale 8.00

Total - 26.13

We were seated at a booth in the dining room that was alive with people and conversations - for a Monday night the place was rocking from 6:30 pm until we left around 9:30. Such a great atmosphere and so much fun!

You don't need a menu when you have dinner here - order the bacon, and steak for 3 (we had 3 in our party), then have the cheese cake (dry tonight) and a few Jamos.......Bacon is a thick slice that is PERFECT, steak for 3 is 2 porterhouses, and well the cheese cake and Jamo need no explanation.

Great service until trying to get the check in the end......come in and ask for ARTIE!!!

3 Becks 24.00
1 Bud Draft 8.00
4 Stella Draft 32.00 (Jason!)
2 Captain Pale 16.00
6 Jameson 71.70
3 Sizzling Bacon Slice 9.00 (SUCH A BARGIN)
1 Steak for 3 128.85
1 Home Fries 11.95
1 Creamed Spinach 8.95 (EXCELLENT)
1 Cheesecake 9.95

Total - $348.84

Hale & Hearty Soups, 49 W 42nd St, NYC - March 28

Rating - 9.74

AWESOME!!!!!  I entered the store around 4 pm, it was empty and service was GREAT....I got the Cream of Tomato Chicken to go, and walked across the street to the NYC Library and sat in the park on a sunny afternoon.  All good here....this is a "go to" for our NYC office for lunch.....

1 Large Soup    7.09

Total - $7.72

Jul 30, 2010

Rosebud Prime, Chicago IL - July 30

Rating - 9.886

Great time having lunch outside, exceptional service and excellent meal!

Hosted a bidness meeting here around 11:30 am, it was a nice day so we sat on the patio....they have done a good job putting a cover over it to block the sun......service was with drink refills and anything we needed to have a great time.....

Food was outstanding.....I love the pretzel rolls they serve before the meal....and the steak sandwich was PERFECT.....bread was tasty and toasty...steak was perfect.....

Everyone else appeared to enjoy their meal also....and the mac and cheese was a favorite (as always)....

2 Lunch asian   53.90
3 D Chz Burger   38.85
1 Salmon Salad   22.95
1 Sanw Spec  22.95
1 Arnold Palmer  4.95
2 Ice Tea   6.00
1 Coke  3.00
2 Mac/cheese  14.50

Total - $174.38* (for 7 of us)

Due, Chicago IL - July 29

Rating - 6.2

Long wait for our pizzas (seated quickly), pizza not as good as Uno!

Stopped at our family favorite first as we had 3 hungry kids with us.....told wait was 45 minutes (but like usual line was out the door) I walked over to Due where they told me the wait was only 15 was to get seated....but it took over an hour for the pizzas to arrive....and we arrived around 5:45 pm......

I didn't mind waiting for the table because Hot Mamma and I grabbed a spot at the bar and put the kids on our laps (I had one on each leg).....because "kids cant sit at the bar".....but the wait for the pizza was just too long....although the service was really good from Justin C!

And in no way, shape, or form does it resemble a Uno's pizza.....the oldest was hungry and crabby and was not pleased that it was not an Uno's pizza....

Although I heated what was left over for dinner and thought it was much better than the pie in the restaurant last night.....

Its worth the wait at Uno!

1 garlic bread/che     4.79
1 soda   2.49
1 Sam Adams pilsn   6.29
1 Gls Geyser Pk sb   7.29

Total - $20.86  (bar tab)

1 lrg, deep dish, sausage   24.99
1 small deep dish, cheese  12.49
1 garlic bread   3.79  (really good!!!)
1 salad bowl   4.29
1 gls Hess chard7.59
1 kids pasta   3.59
1 Miller Lite  4.29
1 gls Tilia Malbec   7.99

Total - $69.02

PS.  They axed us about desert.....when I axed if anyone ever order it...the server laughed and said usually once a night

Roof (at the Wit Hotel), Chicago IL - July 29

Rating - 9.884

Great/FUN spot to have a drink after work...exceptional spot when the weather is nice....lots of beautiful people and great service...and its not that expensive.

It's pretty small on the deck and gets crowded fast....we arrived around 4:15 and easily found a table on the "Roof".....

It is partially covered, but it was HOT when the sun was out....they could use a few fans.....I was surprised when I got off the elevator....I travel all over the country every week and this definitely a COOL place and it doesn't seem like it should be in Chicago......NY or LA sure...

Crowd was older when we got one under 30 except for the servers. (the younger guys with me enjoyed the "cougars")....but as it got closer to 5 pm it became SRO only and the crowd got younger and very attractive......however, service was excellent and both Tyler and Courtney really took care of us.....

When we left at 5:30 I was surprised how crowded it was inside.....

Must have a drink here!

1 btl Dos Equix Lag   6.31
2 Bt Pilsn Urquel   12.62
1 Cucumb Mojito   12.61
1 Apple Julep  12.61

Total - 49.01

12 bt Pilsn Urquel   75.72
5 Bt Coors LT  31.55
2 Gl Lamarc   23.42
4 Bt Dos Equiz Lag   25.24
1 Bt Corona   6.31

Total - 180.09

Jul 28, 2010

Siri's House, Somewhere - maybe Dedham or Nedham MA - July 27

Rating - Perfect 10.0

What great hosts.....Siri and Andy are much fun to hang with and have a drink out on their wonderful patio....

It was also great fun to play with "Lumpy" and make him laugh......

Andy cooks a mean burger on the grill.....just what the travel Dr ordered!

Total - F R E E

Admirals Club, BOS (airport) MA - July 28

Rating - 8.9

It was the "Grand Opening" today....actually the Grand REopening.....

There were lots of AA employees who are not usually there making it too crowded, but the new place is nice.  I like the soft colors and all the tables to sit at....

Best of all they kept all the GREAT employees...and CHERYL is one of the BEST in the entire system....the people at the desk will do anything they can to help you and make your day just a bit better....

Cosi Terminal B, BOS (airport) - July 28

Rating - 6.8

I had the usual Bacon, Turkey, Cheddar - decent, not great- and tried the Tomato Aurora soup - ITS GREAT but very small......a bit expensive for what you get....but its the only place I will eat in Terminal B food court.....

Sand, cosi 3    7.79
Gatorade     2.19
Soup, SD Tomato Aurora   2.10

Total - $13.02