Jul 30, 2010

Rosebud Prime, Chicago IL - July 30

Rating - 9.886

Great time having lunch outside, exceptional service and excellent meal!

Hosted a bidness meeting here around 11:30 am, it was a nice day so we sat on the patio....they have done a good job putting a cover over it to block the sun......service was EXCELLENT....fast with drink refills and anything we needed to have a great time.....

Food was outstanding.....I love the pretzel rolls they serve before the meal....and the steak sandwich was PERFECT.....bread was tasty and toasty...steak was perfect.....

Everyone else appeared to enjoy their meal also....and the mac and cheese was a favorite (as always)....

2 Lunch asian   53.90
3 D Chz Burger   38.85
1 Salmon Salad   22.95
1 Sanw Spec  22.95
1 Arnold Palmer  4.95
2 Ice Tea   6.00
1 Coke  3.00
2 Mac/cheese  14.50

Total - $174.38* (for 7 of us)