Jul 6, 2010

Red Nun Restaurant, Chatham MA - July 5

Rating - 9.994

This place is GREAT.....very small dining room (only seats 26 with 3 round high-tops, 3 tables that seat 4, and 2 that seat 6) and small bar (maybe 10 stools) it is GREAT FUN. 

We arrived at 6 pm on the night of an "As" game, and waited about 5 minutes for a table.  Sharleen was a FABULOUS waitress, and even though every inch in the place was packed, she was friendly and efficient....we did not wait for anything.

Warning - the portions are SMALL, but excellent.  I told Hot Mamma that I liked the fact they did not serve King Sized portions....but we did have to order an extra chicken finger dinner for the girls (each order only has 2 pieces).

Food is GREAT.  I had the Swordfish special and it was a perfect steak with a light sauce, rice and some veggies....Hot Mamma had the Fish Tacos (only 2) and they were delightful.....I also had a cup of chowder (very small, decent but too many potatoes) and Katie LOVED the stuffed Quahog and Wedge salad.....

Took a bit for the food to come out, but it was well worth the wait.....

Best of all we had a prime parking spot for the As and we strolled over to the game which is an excellent adventure on its own!

Lemonade  (2 @ 1.75)   3.50
Cup Clam - app   1.00
Stuffed Quahog   5.95
Wedge    4.95
Kid Pasta (2 @ 4.95)  9.90
Fish Tacos   10.95
Grilled Swordfish   16.95
Cape Cod Blonde Ale  (2 @ 4.75)   9.50 ***not the best beer I have had, it was just ok
Bud Light Draft   3.50
Kid Finger (2 @ 4.95)  9.90

Total - $80.86