Jul 6, 2010

The Keg, Niagara Falls ON - July 1

Rating - 7.441

Best to make a reservation long in advance on Canada Day....we went down with the kids around 5:30 and were seated in the bar area...they were REALLY busy...and Ben did a decent job of paying attention to us...but he was really BUSY.....

View from the bar sucks, but from the dining room you are looking right at the Horseshoe Falls....incredible view....we got to see it the next morning because the Embassy Suites serves breakfast in the same room....

The cheese toast was EXCELLENT as an app and their local beer is decent, but not great (Rickards Red)....kids meals were ok (but expensive at 9.95 and you pay for drink), and my 8 oz Teriaki Sirloin was decent, Hot Mamma liked the Seafood Sirloin.....

Decent dinner, ok service, expensive bill!  No need to return....

3 Pint Rickards    22.50
2 Lemonade   7.90
1 Cheese Toast   6.95
3 Kids Strips   29.85
1 Seafood Sir   33.50
1 8 oz Teri Sir   23.95
1 Keg Trius Cab   13.75

Sub total   138.40
HST   15.23
DPF   4.15
Tip 30.01

Total - 187.78 CAN = 177.60 USD + 4.80 AMEX fee