Jul 6, 2010

Edgewaters Tap and Grill, Niagara Falls ON - July 1

Rating - 8.447

We headed into the bar area just before the fireworks began (at 10 pm) and couldn't get anyone to wait on us....so I wandered up to the bar.  They were really busy as it was Canada Day, but did not seem too happy that we had three kids at one of the tables....but the bartender turned out to be GREAT! 

We have been here in the past because they usually have a band that plays right outside, but we arrived too late for the band (they stop when fireworks begin).  Fun place with a relaxed Canadian vibe....

We had a few beers, got ice cream for the kids (it was GREAT) and when the fireworks began everyone headed outside to watch.  Good spot for fireworks........

Canadian Pint   7.50
Truis Cab Sau Gl   8.50
EW Ice Cream   (3 @ 4.99)   14.97

Total - $35.00 + 7 tip = 42 CAN = 39.72 USD + 1.09 AMEX Fee