Oct 13, 2009

Whole Foods, San Mateo CA - October 13

Rating - 8.6

Ran in here for a quick bit to eat before a 1 pm meeting, and it was packed with people. I had never been in a Whole Foods and got lost pretty quick, but a very helpful person who was stocking shelves walked me to the power bars. I picked out a couple, got a few drinks (couldn't find the Diet Coke----got some "natural" lemonade) and headed to the registers......they were packed and the line was long.

I walked around to see if there were any others, couldn't find any, and headed back to the front. They did have some decent looking pizza, but I had no time. The kid who helped me find the power bars rang me up, and when I told him one of them was so bad I couldn't finish it, he said I didn't have to pay.....what GREAT SERVICE. I don't shop very often, but I did think the place was expensive......

Sportscap $1.19
crv .05
Org Whole Almonds 5.49
Simply Lemonade 1.99
crv .05
White ma .99

Total - 9.76