Oct 15, 2009

Harding Park Golf Course, San Francisco CA, October 15

Rating - 10.0

We played the course the Thursday after the Presidents Cup and arrived around 7 am. It was busy in the club house and they had a sign posted that you had to check in 1/2 hour prior to tee time.....what a great concept. There were a bunch of guys there who were trying to get out and were on the waiting list, we had made our tee time a week prior with no problem. It was pitch black at 7, but they told the first group to head to the tee. Only problem was the grill didnt open until 8 am, and our tee time was 7:50.

There had been a terrible rain storm on Tuesday, and they told us they had lost a bunch of trees and there was debris on the course....it was true, but the course was in GREAT shape.....except for the long wet rough that I was in all day.

It was a strange day, sun, mist/rain, clouds........and very damp. Being off the fairway was brutal and my score showed it (92). I would give one piece of advice, I am a 12.2 handicap and I played the blues at 6500 yards and slope of 125---it plays much longer and much tougher!! It was really cool to get to play with all of the bleachers and corporate tents still in place!

As for the course itself it is solid, a very good muni track. On the front side there are 3 holes that run side by side like a traditional muni course, and balls were all over the fairways, but it was in great shape. 17 and 18 are great finishing holes.

Best part of all was the pace of play.....we walked and finished in just under 4 hours!!!! Never felt rushed and only waited a few times for the groups in front of us.

Oh, and the course hot dog at the turn was SPECTACULAR......a great roll and huge dog.....

At the price point however I would be tempted to play Presido instead.......

Total - $135.00