Oct 20, 2009

Post Office Deli, Wexford PA - October 20

Rating - 10.0+++

This is a GREAT deli located in an old post office. I arrived around 3:30 pm after an appointment for a late lunch. There were no other customers in the place, and the two women behind the counter were VERY FRIENDLY!!

I got the special for the day: turkey, swiss, and bacon on a roll along with the home made chips. The sandwich was HUGE with real/fresh turkey meat and a great/tasty roll. I ate all of it because I couldn't help myself, but I only ate 1/2 the home made chips that were just as good.

EXCELLENT lunch spot, wonderful service.

Sandwich $6.95
Chips .95
Gatorade 1.60
Brownie 1.65 (for Fabian)

Total - $11.93 -- not enough for how GREAT it was!