Oct 18, 2009

Tom's, Huntley IL - October 18

Rating - 10.0++++++

Outstanding pumpkin patch and farm!!!!!!!!!!!! We had such a GREAT day........arrived around 1 pm and went right inside to buy their World Famous donuts and taffy apples....had to have something to snack on. This is a family tradition, and while development has been creeping in all around the farm, they still have enough land to feel like you are in the country. And everyone who works here is very friendly and will go out of their way to help. Parking is in their paved lot and in the grass fields. There were a lot of people there but it never felt crowded.

I headed to the ticket booth and unloaded some dough....$5 for each of us to get into the corn maze, petting zoo, kids stuff.......and 20 tickets for rides (only $15).

The kids LOVED the corn maze, and the little guy loved the train, animals, hay pile, but most of all the huge pile of corn that all the little ones could play in. We probably spent 2 hours there...

Then we went to the ride are and rode the pumpkin train (lots of fun and worth the 20 minute wait), pumpkin jumpy/bouncy, and train slide/fun house, and Kara had her face painted.

Then it was finally time to pick some pumpkins......and the display was HUGE.....every size and shape. You could ride the hay ride into the field, but there were more than enough on display....and they were pretty cheap at $3.99, $5.00 and $7.99 (although I don't know how much pumpkins cost elsewhere).

Then I made the mistake of going inside to pay......they have all kinds of neat Halloween "stuff' and we bought some candle holders and other nicknack's........

A great day of family fun!!!! If you have little guys this is a great place to spend a few hours.

Total - $135.00 (for all of our stuff....I asked the girl who was at the register if that was the record for the day and it was!)