Oct 13, 2009

Capri, Yorkville IL - October 10

Rating - 10.00 (I am on a streak of perfect "10s")

We finally found the new place that Andy, Mamma, and Papa opened down in Yorkville. It is exceptional space, large, light, airy, and decorated in an "Italian" decor. A bit hard to get to via the GPS in the car, but only 20 minutes from Farnsworth and I88.

This is the third Capri on this side of the family, the one in Naperville that I have blogged was owned by Andy's brother Joey and it may be closed. Andy was given a rough time on some of the blogs I read, but I have never had an issue with him, and his service is always excellent!

We walked in around 7:30 pm on a Saturday night and the hostess said there was a live band playing in the bar with tables, or we could sit in the dining room. We walked into the bar and it is really cozy. There was a three piece band playing and all the tables were full in there......and the hostess said it would be a 30 minute wait. So we decided to sit in the main room. There are probably 20 tables in here and we got a great one by the window. It was dark and hard to see outside but there is a patio with tables that overlooks a lake.

As soon as we sat Papa saw us. He came over to our table to greet us and insisted on giving us a tour. They have a second room that is next to the dining room and there was a large party of about 20 having dinner in there, and then he led us to the patio. He seemed to be genuinely happy that we had made the trip and even got Mamma from the kitchen (which is larger than his last place he told us). We also saw Andy, but he was busy waiting tables in the bar, and while he was friendly it was not quite like before with him.......

Unfortunately our waiter was pretty busy and it took a while for him to get our drink order. For the rest of the evening the service was slow (even later when the place emptied), but he was friendly and we could deal with it. There was a great crowd when we arrived and it did empty as time went on, by 8 pm it was maybe 1/2 full.

As soon as the food was delivered, we both smiled, and knew we had found our old friend. The bread served first was very good, the soup (me) and salad (Katie) were very good. But our DINNERS were EXCEPTIONAL!!!! I had the chicken parm (OUTSTANDING), and Katie's homemade rigatoni with mamma's vodka sauce was EVEN BETTER. Wow, what a great meal. We finished with two very small cannolis.

We then headed into the bar for a drink before driving home, and to listen to the band. The bartender was very friendly without being overbearing, and the Chocolate Martini was excellent (so reports Hot Mamma). The bar area stayed pretty full (there were probably 10 people sitting at the bar, and 6 tables of 2-4). The band was a family affair with Dad as the lead sax player who liked to do solos, but the crowded seemed to really enjoy. The bar crowd was interesting - a mix of couples who had finished dinner, some old ladies (really too old to be "Cougars") and a few young people. Drink prices were cheap!!

I believe that Andy always wanted to run a bar/nightclub.........Papa and Mamma had left around 9 pm....and it is a perfect spot for a drink before heading home.

When we left at 9:45 there was one table still in the dining room and around 15 in the bar.

Great spot, love the way the place looks, food is excellent, and prices are moderate. The one thing you can never beat at Capri is the service, it is top notch (even when slow)

1 Bottle of Cannonball Merlot
Chicken Parm
Homemade Rigottoni
3 beers
2 mini cannolis

Total - $83.94 (before tip)

Heineken $4.00
Chocolate Martini $6.00

Total - $10.00 (I am embarrassed - this is the lowest bar tab I have ever had!!)