Oct 15, 2009

Buena Vista Cafe, San Francisco CA - October 14

Rating - 8.5

Headed in for a night cap around 8:15 pm.....the place was packed....no seat at the bar and almost every table filled....we found a table at the back. It is kind of funny because if your party is small (we had two) they will sit others at the table.

We had a GREAT waitress who got us a couple of beers. She was friendly but gave us our space.

Its a historic old place, that in 1952 became the inventor of Irish Coffee-----I am not a coffee drinker but most people in the place were. Its right by the end of a cable car line and the Ghirardelli Chocolate factory. Neat spot to have one and move on.

Once again I didn't have to pay the bill.....Pete has too much left in his expense budget (mine was gone around June)