Oct 18, 2009

Capri Ristorante, Yorkville IL - October 17

Rating - 10.0+++

Excellent dinner experience. We arrived around 6:45 pm and the place was PACKED with Yorkville high school students......it was prom night. So we happily headed to the bar....love the bar with the flat screen tv and excellent service......

Bar was pretty crowded with all the adults waiting for tables....but the bar tender is excellent and had drinks in front of us right away.....then papa brought some bruschetta in (it was GREAT). We waited about 45 minutes and then were seated......same table as last week.....

The place was packed when all the adults were seated....but service was good (better than last week)....although the waiter forgot to put in one of the orders and the entire tables dinner was delayed by 20 minutes....but Andy made up for it with a bottle of wine on the house.....

Food was spectacular! I once again had the chicken parm, 2 others had the lobster diablo (they LOVED it...I think Mike licked the plate) and Allison had the salmon special (it was great, I almost always get it)......I also had the tortilla soup (fantastic)......and we finished with chocolate cake and cannoli (exceptional).

We then headed to the bar for a "night cap" that I didn't need....and to listen to "Gigolo Johnny" who was AWESOME......just a lounge lizard who was funny and worked the crowd. A great night!

Pre Dinner Drinks
Bottle of Cannonball $30
2 Heiny's $8
Total - $38

Dinner for the 4 of us
*no itemized bill, but maybe 2 more bottles of wine, many beers, dinner for all (includes salad and soup) and 2 deserts
Total - $200.00

After Dinner Drinks
2 chocolate martinis $12
Total - Don't really know (except that I had a lot less cash in the morning)