Oct 13, 2009

Hyatt Fishermans Warf, San Francisco CA - Oct 13

Rating - -1000000000000000000000 (that's right its negative) -- subject to revision after check out

Horrible experience with the front desk at check-in........I feel like a piece of GARBAGE......on my Hyatt profile I have "quiet room that is high"......and I always ask the front desk if it is a quiet room. I had really enjoyed the room I had the last time at this property, and I asked if it was available.....they asked if I knew when I stayed or the room number. I did not, but thought it was strange they couldn't pull it up. The lady who helped me was friendly and said if I didn't like the room I could call down and change it.

When I got up to room 422 it was nice and on a corner. Unfortunately the corner of a busy street. I immediately knew it would be too loud for me, and I called right down to the desk to ask for another room. The person who answered was a bit hard to understand, but said she would find a room on the inside for me. She offered to have a bellman bring the new key up, but I said I would headed back down. The person who had checked me in was busy, and so the girl on the left gave me the new key and said it was a handicapped room and they were all out of king beds. I said no problem as long as it was quiet.

I got to room 452 and it was not updated like the first room, and on an interior corner of the property. This usually means its loud at night as others head to their rooms. I unpacked and headed down to meet my buddy for a beer, I also had to return the original room key (I had left my bags in there).

When I got down to the front desk, I offered the key to the woman on the left, and she snidely said "what is this for". I said I was returning the key, and she challenged me and said "why, what is this all about?". I let her know I had changed rooms and said I was disappointed by the new room because it was on the corner, and she said "we are sold out and there is nothing I can do". That was total BS because it was about 4:30 and I knew a majority of people had not checked in yet, and they can always swap rooms as no one knows where they are headed until they check in.

IN ADDITION, why would she give me so much sh** when they say at check in "let us know if we can do anything". Maybe I was being a whiner, but I don't need attitude from the front desk. Last time I stay here!!! I had to run with my buddy or I would have asked to speak with the GM. Then when I headed back up to the room at 9 pm people were still checking in!

I also had a problem connecting to the Internet. I was on the phone with Tmobile for a long time and they told me to check with the hotel. You can imagine how excited I was to speak with the front desk, and I got to speak with Natalie. She was AWESOME, very friendly, and let me know my sign-in id would not work because the property had my middle initial in with my first name. She fixed it and I was able to log on.......she was so effective and pleasant I was pleasantly surprised.

I had breakfast at the hotel restaurant, Knuckles, in the morning. Service was EXCELLENT, and the food was awesome.....I had 3 pieces of french toast from the buffet.

1 two eggs sunny side up, sausage, wheat toast 14.00
1 juice 4.00
1 coffee 4.00
1 regular buffet 18.00

Total - $43.80

I also got to try the work out facility around 6 pm in the evening. It had very few free weights, and no weight machines, but 5 ellipticals, tread mills, and bikes. It was pretty empty, although my buddy said it was crowded at 6 am.

As for the room itself, its large and VERY QUIET.....but it has a really small closet, and no cups in the bathroom.

More to come