May 12, 2010

Sunsets on Wayzata Bay, Wayzata MN - May 12

Rating - 8.992

Great location right on the lake (is it the site of the Vikings "booze cruze"?) in a lovely little downtown.  Would have loved to sit outside, but it is only May 12 and it was 45 and raining......

We took a customer here for lunch and arrived around 11:30, promptly were seated in the (dated) dining room and Cindy S came right over to welcome us and take our drink orders.  I cant say enough about her service, she was EXCELLENT....always refilling drinks, making great recommendations for soup/entrees, and brightening a gray day with he upbeat/friendly personality.  She alone is worth a visit to this place.....

I started with the cream of chicken soup (it was acceptable) while the boys had the Famous French Onion - they both loved it and couldn't finish it all. 

I then had the cheese burger - it was just ok, in fact I didn't really even like it that much, it was bland.....fries were pretty good.  Customer had Sherrie's salad - it was HUGE and he loved it - took 1/2 of it home, while Andrew had the Walleye Sand - which again was HUGE and he ate every bite!  Maybe i was just sad because the burger was SMALL compared to the other two........

I would only return in the summer to sit outside...or have Cindy serve me.....upside is its not expensive......

Add Fr Onion (2 @ 3)   6.00
Sherrie's Salad    12.95
Add Soup 2 lun     2.00
Cheese Burger   10.50
Walleye Sand

Total - $48.49