May 9, 2010

Clara's, Woodridge IL - May 8

Rating - 9.94

OUTSTANDING food, great service, Awesome VALUE, have a RESERVATION on Saturday night! Eight people, tons of drinks, apps, entrees, desserts for $340!!

We LOVED it. Don't let the place "throw" you...its located in a strip mall right by the 7 Bridges Ice rink....and as you walk up it is less than impressive.......but once you get in it just 'feels RIGHT".

We had a party of 8 with a 7 pm reservation on Saturday night and arrived around 6:45 pm - place was MOBBED. Hard to even get in the door, but we know that is a VERY good we snuggled in and I fought my way up to the bar.....3 glasses of wine and a beer for $27. We waited just a few minutes and were seated right at 7 pm.

Dinning room on the right is just a large space and we sat right in the middle. It was busy and crowded, but easy to talk an hear those at the table. Lisa was our server and took GREAT care of us....we took our time and enjoyed several rounds of cocktails and were some of the last to leave just after 10 pm....but we were never rushed and I had to ax for the check....excellent pace to the evening.

The FOOD is EXCELLENT. Started with the calamari (breaded) and it was as good as any I have ever had, also had the "soakers" which is just like like cheese bread - the women wouldn't eat it, but the hungry men did.....and its too bad because their house bread is sourdough and is served with an excellent olive oil (skip the soakers).

Each entree gets a soup or salad, and then come the HUGE ENTREES.....and they were EXCELLENT. Everyone LOVED what they ordered.....I had the lasagna and ate every last bite (even after clobbering the soakers, calamari and some of the soup). It was almost embarrassing except that mike ate all of his shrimp and Tom ate almost all of his veal. Lisa made GREAT recommendations - lasagna over the chicken parm for me, lighter veal sauce for Tom...and she was always there to bring fresh drinks.

It reminds me of Mamma and Papa's original good and all about the food and outstanding service.

You won't be disappointed.......

Calamari (2 @ 9.99) 19.98
Soakers Cheese (2 @ 2.99) 5.98
Miller Lite (9 @ 3.50) 31.50
Amstel Light (2 @ 4.50) 9.00
Belvedere and Seven (3 @ 7) 21.00
Grayson Cabernet (2 @ 28) 56.00
Lasagna 12.25
Veal Limone 18.99
Seafood Alla Clara 17.99
Rotini, Vodka Cream, Shrimp 16.99
Pasta Al Fresco, Shrimp 17.50
Cheese Tortellini, Alfredo, Primavera 14.74
Fettuccini, Alfredo, Shrimp, Broccoli 20.49
Shrimp Pesto 19.99
Tiramisu 5.99
Cannoli 3.99
Choc Mousse (2 @ 8) 16.00
Grayson Cabernet (glass) 7.50

Total - 340.36