Dec 7, 2009

Ghurka, New York, NY - December 7

Rating - 9.9 (merchandise); -1,000,000 for service

The store is located in the Plaza Hotel and the place itself is pretty amazing at Christmas time. Decorations are awesome, and it looks like the home of the rich and famous (and FAKE--NICE TAN in the winter).

I headed over for a brief case because I really like my brother in laws and was "helped" by Lourdes. She was efficient, but not really interested, and must not have felt like talking to me or my buddy. It was all bidness.....guess it can be when they are located there.

I bought the "Parker", got my monogram for free, no sales tax as I had it shipped for $21. Beautiful bags in the store.

Can't wait to get the bag, and I would recommend you shop via the web for any of their merchandise.

Total - $995 (bag) + $21 shipping