Dec 9, 2009

Coco's Newport Beach, CA - November 4

Rating - 0.3

Arrived at 8 am for a "quick" breakfast before a 9 am meeting and waited a few minutes to get seated. Jamie D who was our waiter was very, very busy -- they must have been understaffed because we waited for everything - for drinks, to order, get our breakfasts and the check. And, I felt sorry for him because everyone was mad.

The food itself was marginal at best. There was a lot, but it was not that good....except for the excellent french toast.

The crowd is always amusing to me because they are located right next to Fashion Island - its a mix of retirees, students, guys in suits and regular people having a meal.

NO WAY I would return here........Where is Denny's!!!!!

1 Lumber 8.99
1 Mega 8.69
1 Cof 1.99
H Tea 1.99
1 OJ

Total - $26.26