Jun 21, 2010

Two Brothers Tap House, Warrenville IL - June 19

Rating - 9.998

Please don't go here....I don't want any competition for my new FAVORITE spot for beers and dinner......WOW is it FUN....and GOOD

Headed out on Saturday night with a "favorite" neighborhood couple at 6 pm and we kind of had a hard time finding it....and our daughter used to do gymnastics in the same building before...and now it is an EXCELLENT brewery and bar/restaurant.

I love it even more because there is NO SIGN anywhere on the building...except for a small sign taped on the door that says "entrance"....and when you walk in you are met by a wooden (plywood) hostess stand....

The crowd was mix of families and couples out for dinner and as the night wore on it became filled with groups of 3 guys.....you can sit outside (bug alert)....at tables/booths in dining area....or at the bar or high bar tables.

We choose the bar.  It probably seats 20 and there are a few flat screen tvs, the SERVICE we received from Paul P was EXCEPTIONAL...and the beer was even better!!!!!!!!!  It was kind of funny because everyone else was drinking wine (white or red - Chianti) - that was hand poured from the bottle (no measuring for exact amounts), and I was drinking the Weiss. 

The beer here is so good it is sold in many bars around Chicago, and they got a contract to sell to Costco at the beginning of 2010....only problem being Costco demands such great volume, and limited capacity (brewed on location) that it can sometimes lead to shortages.

I loved this place because its all about the beer, good times and great service.  The Weiss was served at the perfect temperature (slightly cooler than room temp) and had great flavor and a crisp after-taste.  The food is bar food - PERFECT - we had the cheese fries (hand cut, lots of cheese and bacon) and the chicken nachos (not quite as good).  Dinner was Ruben (excellent), bacon cheddar burger (mine - wonderful, hand made, perfect temperature, excellent cheese, crisp bacon) and the special chicken sandwich (which the girls split - and in a nice touch they split the sandwich onto separate plates and also split the fries) and cheese plate (I liked it).

All about good beer, good times, and bar food.  Please don't go so I can get a seat whenever I want it......

1 Chicken Nachos   10.00
1 Cheese Fries   8.00
1 Reuben   9.00
1 Classic Burger   8.00
cheddar   1.00
Bacon  .50
1 Cheese Plate  10.00
1 Special Chicken  8.00
1 Gl White   6.00
8 Gl Ebel's Weiss  @ 5.00    20.00

Total - 133.95***  Exceptional value for a night out!!!!