Jun 18, 2010

Poquoy Brook Golf Course, Lakville MA - May 26

Rating - 6.4

Excellent test of golf.....fair, but tough and FUN.....except for the BUGS....everyone I spoke to about the course had something to say about the BUGS.....I didn't wear a hat or visor and they didn't bother me too much...but my partner had a visor and they were ALL OVER him.....it was comical to watch.....

The one thing that REALLY BOTHERED me was the PACE OF PLAY....we flew through the first 5 holes and then ran into a foursome....we were right on them and they never let play through.  I had enough at the turn when we reached the tee after they were in the 1/2 way house and they still would NOT let us through (even after I axed).  So we walked in to get a beer and I went into the the pro shop to let them know...the young kid said he would send the ranger out.  So we hit our tee shots, and the ranger approached when we were on the green, he asked if we were the ones who "complained" and said he would talk to the group in front....he did and came back to say they were playing just fine.....EXCEPT there were two holes open in front of them......I have never had a ranger who was like that.....

So, great course (great value), shi**y rangers, and lots of bugs....I would try somewhere else next time.

Total - 2 green fees (walking) - $64.00