Jun 21, 2010

Disney Vaction 2008

Rating - 9.444

It was pretty GREAT!  I ran across some receipts and decided to post what I had....you can also do a search and see the posting I had from November 11, 2008.  I will do a better job this year.....

Grand Floridian Resort and Spa - November 5 - 10th
Awesome.  Beautiful.  Great Service.  Close to the parks (by boat or monorail).  Small pool that is not that great.  Fun on the boats you can rent.  Larger rooms for the family to sleep in.  Room 7310?

We shall return (in November 2010)

Gasparilla's - November 6
Solid breakfast, good food, quick service.

Grand Brkfst Platt   6.29
KM Breakfast Plat   4.09

Total - $11.06

Citricos - November 8

P Mudslide Martini   8.25
Romaine Salad
Choc Banana Tort
Gls Heidsk   15.00

KM Vegetable Plate  3.00

Grand Margarita 2 @ 9.25  18.50
Rib eye Steak

KM Butter Pasta  7.00
KM Butter Pasta 7.00
KM Vegetable Plate 3.00
KM Butter Pasta  7.00

Tip  34.00

Total - $ 115.75

Norway Akershus - November 7
We went here for the Princess Dinner....it was in Epcott...it was fun for me and Hot Mamma to wander around the countries and drink beers later in the evening....but we were kind of bored by the experience.  Fun at first, but it wears off quick.  And this park required us to transfer monorails, and it too a while.

Kids were pretty bored....I did set the record with the little guy because we went on the Nemo ride for a few hours (no wait)...and the girls liked Test Track....but we thought Soaring was boring also.

The restaurant was a DISASTER, huge line at the seating, and it was worse because the line was really to get a family portrait shot....we skipped that and sat down.  Food = not good.  Princess with dinner = AWESOME.

I am sure there is a better spot with the same characters that is a better experience.

KM Pizza 19.99
KM Ravioli   19.99
Large Carlsberg   6.75
Gls Princ Gavi Crt  9.00
Pork Shank   35.99
Salmon  35.99

Total - $139.02

Grand Floridian Cafe - November 6

Gls Moon Mntn Cab  15.00
Strawberry Salad  5.99
Chicken Soup  4.79
Heineken Light 5.75
Amstel Light 5.75