Apr 20, 2010

St Louis Science Center, St Louis MO - March 29

Rating - 4.3


I was SO DISAPPOINTED....had heard so many great things about it......and after spending 2 hours with 5 kids I was ready to leave....but had tickets for a 2 PM IMAX show......

Next time I would spend all my time at the ZOO.

I was surprised that parking at the Science Center was $8.00, I think a lot of people park on the street, and was surprised again because there is NO ADMISSION FEE. Couldn't understand why there was a line when I walked in (its to buy tickets to the IMAX - $6 for a kid - or the other "special things"). We spend a few hours walking around, and the kids like best building the Arch with blocks and standing over Highway 40 and either using radar guns on speeding cars or watching them go under the walkway (windows on the floor).

However, after walking the entire center we still had 2 hours to kill before the movie. Had a (terrible) lunch in the cafe (awful pizza - not many choices), and then wandered back around.

IMAX was fun, we saw UNDER THE SEA, and the kids liked it.

After that we bailed to the zoo (AWESOME) and our parking was compd because the computers were down.

I would NOT RETURN with the kids (they really liked the City Museum the last time we visited).

Parking - $8.00

Admission - FREE

Lunch - 29.84 (5 kids)
Cheese Pizza Combo 2 @ 7.79
Small Drink 3 @ 2.69
Gatorade 3.49

IMAX - $37.00
$6.00 per kid, $7 per adult