Apr 26, 2010

21 Club, New York NY - April 14

Rating - 0.123


Had some drinks here about a year ago, loved the "Old School" feel although most of the patrons had gone to school in the mid 1800s, and wanted to try dinner........so......

Sometimes you get what you ask for....and it SUCKS. We actually made the mistake of taking a customer here for dinner. We sat and had an enjoyable few drinks before he showed and our waitress was great.

After he arrived the three of us were seated. The dinning room was approximately 80% full, and I was the youngest one there by about 100 years......the service from Team 6 was THE WORST in 2010 so far. I really think they forgot about us several times, perhaps they were so old they couldn't see us......

Food = HORRIBLE....I am pretty sure the City was short a few rats after we ate. I had the Sirloin the server recommended and it was BAD. I also had the Cheesecake and it was pretty good, and they must have sensed how much we hated it because we got a "free" petit fours and moosecake.


3 Tanqueray 38.25
1 Absolut Juice 12.25
1 Makers Mark 11.75
1 Gr Octopus 22.00
1 Sambucca 12.50
2 Jameson 22.50 (why do I do this to myself?)
1 Cabernet 10.00
2 Sirloin 92.00 (HORRIBLE)
1 RW Chicken 35.00
1 Apple Crumb 10.50
1 Cheesecake 10.50
3 Comp Petit Fours 0.00
1 RW Moussecake 0.00

Food - 170.00
Liquor - 97.25
Wine - 10.00

Total - $301.86