Jan 24, 2010

Naples 45, New York NY - January 19

Rating - 9.443

Great spot to take clients to lunch at....we arrived with a party of 7 at noon and were seated immediately at a big round table. It was a bit hard to hear those across the table, but there is a great atmosphere. Almost every table was full, and there were many people coming/going, but there is an excellent atmosphere - it is comfortable and relaxed.

They service some excellent bread once you are seated and we had some fantastic calamari as an app, then I ordered the grilled salmon. It was plain, but PERFECT, and the portion was so large I couldn't finish it. The client to my right had their pizza and it looked great (she took over half of it home).

Service was wonderful, everything was perfectly timed, and it was an enjoyable experience.

Total - I didn't have to pay!