Jan 2, 2010

Caliterra, Boston MA - January 1

Rating - 5.1

This is located off the lobby of the Hilton. Breakfast buffet is always great, but the service can be suspect....as was the case this morning.

We got downstairs around 10 am and had to wait 15 minutes or so to get seated. It was a bit frustrating because we could see plenty of empty tables, and no one cleaning them. They did have coffee available (Katie loved it, I didn't care because I don't drink it).

After we were seated, we headed up to the buffet. It was good but you could tell they were very busy and had a hard time keeping up. They were out of a few items, and others were only partially warm.

It took FOREVER to get any drinks once we arrived back at the table. In addition, the place was unusually dirty and unkept.

Kind of disappointing, but understandable since it was New Years day.

2 Full Breakfast Buffet 44.00
2 Child Buffet 11.00

Total - $58.85 **

**Good thing I am Hilton Diamond and breakfast was free (except for the tip)