Jan 24, 2010

Delta Airlines, ATL - January 12

Rating - .00001

They are awful......not much else to say. I had called the night before to check on a fare from ATL to Daytona Beach to attend a funeral.....it was is a 6+ hour drive....and the fare was $386, the bereavement fare was a bit lower at $318 but they whacked me with a $20 booking fee (you cant book the reduced rate on line).

Then the flight was handled by one of their partners, but branded Delta, and was way at the end of the last terminal. Lots of flights were taking off to smaller cities and the gate area was swarmed with people who were pissed because their flights were late. It was hot and sweaty. We actually had to walk down the stairs and onto the tarmac to drop off our bags, and then back up the stairs on to the really small plane. It had been a long time since I had done that......

I would NEVER fly them again!!!!