Nov 29, 2009

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey: Zing Zang Zoom, United Center Chicago IL - November 28

Rating - 10.o0

This is the annual circus in Chicago at the United Center at 11:30 on Saturday after Thanksgiving.....we arrived around 11 am (parked in the lot for $10) and were too late to go on the floor with the circus performers. I headed right to the concession stand because I had the "meal deal" included with the tickets.

I bought 2 $7 pop corns first and figured I was in for an expensive day, then got in line at the concession stand. When I got to the front they said the "meal deal" vouchers were good only at the line in the next stand, but I bought a $4 pretzel, and headed over to the other line.

It moved SLOW, and it probably took me 20 minutes to reach the was so slow because the girls in the stand were filling all soft drinks to the top (don't they have a machine for that??).....but the "meal deal" did include a dog and drink. There were a bunch of people in line who had picked up their tickets at the box office and received only 1 "meal deal" voucher...they needed one for each person and were pissed (I got my tickets in the mail).....I did miss the start of the show while I was in line....

Once I got in the kids were completely engrossed with the was EXCELLENT and we all enjoyed it. About an hour in they had a 15-20 minute break (the line at the women's room was LONG) and I took the little guy out to the bathroom and had to drag him back in because he wanted to buy all the spinning/light things.....starting at $20........

The show went for another 45 minutes or so and was just as good in the second half. The arena was maybe 40% full and it was easy to get out of the UC and very easy to exit the parking lot.

We sat in Section 113, row 15, seats 1-5.

Everyone agreed it was the BEST show ever and the little guys only missed the motorcycles in the cage.

Well done..............